FAQ for Engineered Hardwood – Fuzion Flooring

FAQ for Engineered Hardwood

What are the key benefits and features of engineered hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring is an extremely popular choice among homeowners. Here’s why;

• Fuzion offers a wide variety of hardwood species and colours found only in nature from all over the world. Our engineered hardwood products are engineered to ensure reasonable prices while also providing the added benefits of withstanding humidity and moisture better than solid hardwood.

• Engineered hardwood floors are easy to keep clean and maintain.

• Hardwood flooring immediately enhances the appeal of your living space. Should you decide to sell, hardwood maintains, if not, increases the overall value of your home.

• Hardwood is hypoallergenic which means there is no hidden dust or harmful allergens lurking within. It’s ideal for those with allergies or other respiratory health concerns.

• Hardwood can also improve the acoustics of your home. It reduces echoing, vibrations and other noises that can often occur.

Can I expect my floor to have some variation?

Arguably the greatest feature of Hardwood is that no two planks are alike. It is a natural product that occurs in nature and for that reason some variation is to be expected. Although we make every effort to ensure the closest comparison to all of our retail samples, it is recommended to inspect cartons of product prior to purchase/installation. If for any reason, the colour and variation is not what is expected, the product should be returned, and a new selection made. Please refer to our product variation ratings on our product page for an indicator (low, moderate, strong, intense).

What are the recommended relative humidity levels for engineered hardwood?

The relative humidity levels in your home should be kept between 30-65% for engineered hardwood. Household temperature should also be kept between 16-27 Celsius (60-80 Fahrenheit). This will help prevent issues such as cupping, gapping, crowning and cracking noises in your floor.

Do hardwood floors need to acclimate?

We highly recommend that engineered hardwood be acclimated to indoor room conditions at least 72 hours prior to installation. This will ensure temperature and humidity levels arrive at the ideal conditions necessary for avoiding excessive gapping, warping or cupping. Stacking the cartons in short piles with sufficient airflow around each will ensure the appropriate air flow required to achieve acclimation.

Can Fuzion engineered hardwood be installed over radiant heat?

Fuzion engineered hardwood products can be installed over hydronic radiant heat systems only. However, Hickory, Maple and Acacia species cannot. Please confirm this information with your local Fuzion hardwood retailer before purchase or review the corresponding warranty, installation and maintenance information for each individual Fuzion flooring product.