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FAQ for Engineered Hardwood

Fuzion engineered hardwood products can be installed over hydronic radiant heat systems only. However, Hickory, Maple and Acacia species cannot. Please confirm this information with your local Fuzion engineered hardwood retailer before purchase or review the corresponding warranty, installation and maintenance information for each individual Fuzion flooring product.

Engineered Hardwood flooring is an extremely popular choice among homeowners. Here’s why;

• Fuzion offers a wide variety of engineered hardwood species and colours found only in nature from all over the world. Our engineered hardwood products are engineered to ensure reasonable prices while also providing the added benefits of withstanding humidity and moisture better than solid engineered hardwood.

• Engineered hardwood floors are easy to keep clean and maintain.

•Engineered Hardwood flooring immediately enhances the appeal of your living space. Should you decide to sell, engineered hardwood maintains, if not, increases the overall value of your home.

• Engineered Hardwood is hypoallergenic which means there is no hidden dust or harmful allergens lurking within. It’s ideal for those with allergies or other respiratory health concerns.

• Engineered Hardwood can also improve the acoustics of your home. It reduces echoing, vibrations and other noises that can often occur.

Arguably the greatest feature of Engineered Hardwood is that no two planks are alike. It is a natural product that occurs in nature and for that reason some variation is to be expected. Although we make every effort to ensure the closest comparison to all of our retail samples, it is recommended to inspect cartons of product prior to purchase/installation. If for any reason, the colour and variation is not what is expected, the product should be returned, and a new selection made. Please refer to our product variation ratings on our product page for an indicator (low, moderate, strong, intense).

The relative humidity levels in your home should be kept between 35-55% for engineered hardwood. Household temperature should also be kept between 16-27 Celsius (60-80 Fahrenheit). This will help prevent issues such as cupping, gapping, crowning and cracking noises in your floor.


We highly recommend that engineered hardwood be acclimated to indoor room conditions at least 72 hours prior to installation. This will ensure temperature and humidity levels arrive at the ideal conditions necessary for avoiding excessive gapping, warping or cupping. Stacking the cartons in short piles with sufficient airflow around each will ensure the appropriate air flow required to achieve acclimation.


FAQ for Laminate
Laminate is manufactured by pressing several layers of material together. A high definition printed veneer is applied to the core layer in order to replicate the appearance of wood or natural stone. The process utilizes heat and high pressure to fuse the materials together, resulting in a solid piece of flooring. For added realism, an embossing layer is typically applied to recreate that ‘true to touch’ feel that will have your guessed convinced it’s the real thing.

Laminate flooring is the durable yet attractive surface for homeowners on a budget.

• Since laminate is made from densely pressed fiberboard, it is much more durable and scratch resistant than other flooring options.

• It’s significantly easy to clean and extremely low maintenance.

• Hands down, is the most economical hard surface option available on the market today.

• Laminate flooring stands up to fading, wear and stains with ease.

• Replicates the real thing with an impressive variety of designs, finishes and surface textures.

• Laminate continues to be a popular flooring choice amongst DIYers for its ease of installation and realistic depiction of natural hardwood and stone visuals.

Laminate is designed to be installed as a floating floor on an even subfloor with adequate expansion space around the full perimeter, including under door casings, kitchen islands and cabinets. Fuzion laminate, similar to other laminates, will expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity requiring the space to float and expand freely. Ensure that the subfloor is stable, that baseboards have not been nailed into any planks and that there is sufficient expansion space available around the entire installation.


Fuzion laminate products must be installed over an appropriate laminate underlayment. We recommend Fuzion Big Blue or Fuzion Green Econo plus underlayments. Both of these products offer acoustical benefits and have attached moisture barriers for installations below grade or over concrete. This ensures that your laminate floor will not fall victim to moisture issues and various other unwanted installation issues.

Although some may disagree, laminate at its core is made from wood which means that it can be recycled. This of course depends on your local recycling centre’s ability to repurpose the wood pulp. If that’s not an option, avoid tossing it altogether and repurpose it for another room in the home or even as a stunning wall covering! The applications are only limited by your creativity.

FAQ for Luxury Vinyl

Within the flooring industry, you may hear the acronyms LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) or LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) being thrown around. The difference between the two is obvious but what they share is what sets them apart from the vinyl flooring options of old. Luxury vinyl has come a long way and certainly isn’t that peel and stick product you remember in your grandmother’s house. It has a long list of features that have been specifically engineered to meet the demands of modern living.

Luxury vinyl flooring has made huge strides over the years towards becoming a performance powerhouse. Here are some of the reasons why;

• Luxury vinyl is 100% waterproof, meaning it can be installed in high moisture areas that other flooring types wouldn’t dare.

• It’s very durable and stands up impressively to high foot traffic areas.

• Surprisingly comfortable under foot, luxury vinyl provides a warmth you wouldn’t expect from a hard surface floor.

• Replicates the realistic appearance of wood, stone and cement effortlessly.

• Incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

There are several different flooring options available on the market today, but many simply cannot replicate the list of performance features that luxury vinyl can.

Fuzion luxury vinyl flooring has a wear layer built right on top to protect the surface from scratches. Although there isn’t a flooring solution that is truly, 100% scratch proof, luxury vinyl stands out as one of the best. If you’re an animal lover, we recommend that you trim the nails of your fluffy loved ones to help prolong the life of your floor.


WPCs (Wood-plastic composites) are made of wood fiber and thermoplastic while SPCs (Stone-plastic composites) are made of natural limestone, polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers. When it comes to performance, the difference is simple; WPC is softer and quieter underfoot, while SPC offers better resistance from scratches or dents. Both have excellent water resistance, hide subfloor imperfections and can handle extreme temperature challenges.



Fuzion vinyl can tolerate hot and cold variations like none other. Although each collection varies based on its structural make-up (please see product specifications for details), many homeowners and property managers opt for our vinyl products because they can handle what most other flooring categories cannot.


FAQ for Water Proof

With recent advancements in manufacturing, Fuzion waterproof flooring helps repel water better than ever before. Need more convincing? Here are a few more reasons;

• Prevents dangerous mold and mildew growth in your home, ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

• Provides impressive abrasion resistance, colourfastness and stain resistance.

• Packed with value and impressive features but also extremely affordable.

• Fuzion products with TidalCore technology are built to withstand spills and splashes.

Although similar to laminate in many ways, Fuzion waterproof flooring provides even more great reasons to invite it into your home.

TidalCore Water Defense Technology stands up to all kinds of mishaps like spilled drinks, a knocked over bucket, a broken vase, whatever life throws at it. With 100+ hour surface water protection, Fuzion waterproof flooring makes it considerably more difficult for moisture to penetrate its core.


Yes, they are! Our products inhibit the growth of bacteria on your floor, providing you and your family peace-of-mind that comes from a healthy home environment. You can breathe easy knowing you’ve made the right decision.

Fuzion waterproof flooring products that feature TidalCore are 55% more stable and 35% more dense than traditional laminate cores. The edge-to-edge non-ionic high polymer sealer provides moisture resistance far superior to its predecessors.

FAQ for Carpet Tile

Fuzion doesn’t offer rolled carpet goods, but we love carpet tile and there’s a reason for that;

• Carpet tile is one of the easiest flooring types to install. Whether you prefer double-sided tape or adhesive, almost anyone can get the job done.

• It’s beyond low maintenance. A simple vacuum usually takes care of any noticeable particles or dirt.

• Achieve attractive, patterned looks that will have others in awe.

• Far less waste is generated during a carpet tile installation versus broadloom.

Carpet tiles have been used in commercial settings for quite some time. However, they are now finding their way into bedrooms, living rooms and other residential applications. Don’t be shy, give it a try!

Nylon is easy to clean, durable and has good memory which prevents crushing. In addition, it also resists stains and holds colour well. On the other hand, Polypropylene is less expensive, has superior stain resistance and resists fading from sunlight.

This is where carpet tile flourishes. Unlike rolled carpet, simply remove and replace the carpet tile in question, avoid costly cleaning bills and return to business as usual.

Whether enduring the summer or winter months, dirt and salt will eventually find their way overtop your carpet. One of the great and lesser known features of contrasting thread patterns found within carpet tile is that they are designed to hide such undesirables. A cleaning is still necessary but if missed temporarily, at least it will buy you some time.

Rolled carpet goods are understandably less expensive but it’s easy to see why. They aren’t nearly as attractive and require cleaning equipment that almost none of us own, nor want to rent. Avoid all that hassle with Fuzion carpet tile.