Unique, Real Wood Floors

Hardwood flooring as unique as each tree in the forest

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Understanding Natural Wood Variations

Living Wood flooring displays many of the natural variations found in the great outdoors. Your guests will never wonder if your floors are fake — these are real floors with unique characteristics found only in our Living Wood series. From growth rings, sap lines, and artisanal knots, our wood is full of character — and it just gets better with age.

  • Real hardwood

  • Naturally cured

  • Ages as nature intended

Expect Your Living Wood Floors to Evolve and Mature

See the forest for the trees


The rich alternating tones of wood and extensive pattern variations make the Living Wood floors uniquely yours. Each carefully chosen product reflects the forest from which it grew, each hue one of a kind and Living Wood samples may be different than the wood floors you receive.

Natural Wood Colour Variation

Variation Level 1

When you receive a Living Wood sample or your order arrives, the wood will have its natural colour and character.

Variation Level 2

Like the mighty trees of the forest, Living Wood flooring will mature and display slightly different colours and character variations

Variation Level 3

Given more time, Living Wood may continue to evolve with strong variations in its beautiful wood grain emerging.

Variation Level 4

In some cases, Living Wood will display intense colour and characters variations, making it some of the most unique flooring on the market.

The Fuzion Flooring

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    Flooring Retailers

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