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About us

Our History

In 2007, Fuzion Flooring began with an idea and a dream — that the homeowner experience could be transformed through superior product quality and exceptional customer service. At the core of our family-led business, lies an unwavering desire to do things differently — with a singular goal of total customer satisfaction. This has been our mission since day one and continues to drive our business forward today. ‘Beyond Expectation’ is not just a statement. It’s a promise.

Environmentally Responsible

Providing beautiful, affordable and sustainable products are at the core of our values. We also feel a sense of obligation to this planet that we all love and share. That’s why we source safe, responsibly harvested and sustainable flooring products.

Our Commitment

Our latest partnership with One Tree Planted furthers this commitment. When you purchase one of our engineered hardwood products, we will plant a tree as a token of our appreciation. Join the Fuzion movement today and feel good about doing it.

Safe from Start to Finish

To protect you, your family and your home, we set strict standards on the materials used in our floors. We’ve meticulously assessed individual finish components that coat all of our products to give them their unique colours and design.

Along with our development, the different chemicals in those components are tested to ensure they are safe to use in your space. We go even further by having each product independently certified by FloorScore, a voluntary certification, to meet high indoor air quality standards.

fuzion movement

At Fuzion, we consider giving back an integral movement to involve ourselves with our communities.

We always welcome and look forward to opportunities where we can partner with programs, projects or initiatives that fall within the beliefs of the Fuzion Family.

We at Fuzion will remain active within our communities – Our contributions play a significant part to the initiatives we take on and we are proud to mention that we take this responsibility seriously.

What Drives Us

A forward-thinking vision of the future of our industry and a determination to make it come true. We firmly believe that change starts with us and our team — all ‘agents’ of change — carry this with them every day.

We have the courage and tenacity to push the boundaries of what is possible through an abiding commitment to simply do better in all aspects of our business. After all, if we can’t exceed our own expectations, how can we fulfill our commitment to exceed yours?