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Carpet Tile Collections

Carpet Tile Collections

Over a decade ago, Fuzion Flooring began with an idea and a dream; the realization that homeowners deserved a better product, better service and ultimately a decision they felt confident making. At the core of our family-led business, lies the unwavering desire to do things differently with customer satisfaction at the forefront. That’s exactly what Fuzion stood for in the beginning, it’s what we stand for now and we won’t rest until we’ve proven to you that we will continue to go beyond expectation.

Bala Bay (3000)

The organic designs of this collection add a feeling of soft serene looks and feel to any space. Constructed of nylon, this carpet tile will perform in busy commercial spaces and quieter offices.

Caledon (501)

Traditional linear design to outline and define any working space. In 20” x 20” (nominal) tiles available in 6 colours. Tufted with Solution dyed fibre, and backed with fiberglass reinforced PVC. This offers excellent dimensional stability.

Canmore (2200)

The subtle tonal linear pattern in this collection adds a streamlined clean look anywhere it is installed. Constructed of Premium solution dyed nylon, Canmore will withstand high office traffic.

Elmvale (7701)

The stylish planks in combination with the clean linear looks and the durability of nylon will ensure that this floor will look like new in any corporate space. The planks offer versatility to make the stylish herringbone pattern or other more traditional installations.

Inglewood (201)

A combination pattern of linear with an organic touch! In 20” x 20” (nominal) tiles and 6 beautiful colours. Made with durable Solution Dyed nylon, and backed with a fiberglass reinforced PVC backing for dimensional stability. Inglewood is perfect for any space.

Minett (5401)

Designed to give an elegant pattern that will take any office space to the next level of style, while still fitting with the professionalism of any boardroom.

Odessa (7610)

Odessa is Classic design for commercial open spaces. The subtle pattern will coordinate with any space. Available in 6 colours, in 20” x 20” tiles, constructed in Solution dyed nylon with a PVC backing.

Warsaw (9190)

The sleek organic plank in the Warsaw collection brings the calm of nature inside. Constructed of Premium solution dyed nylon, Warsaw will be the perfect backdrop of any busy space.